Best of Best (B.O.B.)

Overview :

  • The contestant must perform all the 5 divisions (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A)  in 5 minutes yoyo freestyle with 5 minutes background music.
  • Each freestyle (of each division performed) is a 1 minute freestyle.
  • There’s no particular order of divisions the contestant must perform, it depends on each contestant’s creativity in creating an  epic 5 minutes freestyle.
  • Every 1 minute (during the freestyle), the contestant will be noticed by the MC (Master of Ceremony) and therefore he/she has to change the freestyle’s divisions.

Judging System

The final score for B.O.B. contest will consist of :

  • Freestyle Score (FS) : adopting the conventional judging system which consist of  Technical Execution (T.E.) score and Performance Style (P.S.) score ; calculation and scoring system is the same as the conventional Final Round judging system. Final Freestyle Score will contribute 50% of the final score calculation for B.O.B contest.
  • Excellency (Ex) : the level of ability for players to play all the five Division existing (1A,2A,3A,4A,5A). Maximum Ex score is 100, split to 20 as the maximum Ex score to each of the division. Ex score for each division will be graded into the following objective score: 0-5-10-15-20. As the result, high final Ex score (i.e. 90) is awarded to contestant who have outstanding level of ability in all the five division performed; while low final  Ex score (i.e. 35) will indicate an unbalance ability of the contestant to play all the five divisions.Final Excelency score will contribute 50% of the final score calculation for B.O.B contest.

Final score calculation for B.O.B contest :


Have any questions about this contest/division? E-mail your question to biyo2012@gmail.comwith e-mail subject QUESTION.
To read the article about B.O.B contest in BIYO2010, click here.

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